10 days Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xian Tour (CSX10)

10 days Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xian Tour

  Special Attractions·       Leifeng Tower, one o fthe 10 Scenes of the West Lake (admission ticket included), a 360˚ view of the West Lake

·       Shanghai: Nanjing Road, City God Temple and the Bund; Suzhou: Lotus Garden and ‘Bird’s Nest’(Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre)

·       Wuxi: Lihu Park;Nanjing: Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and Yangtze River Bridge

·       The Eighth World Wonder: Terra Cotta Warriors


Famous Cuisine

·       Shanghai :Xiaolongbao;

.         Wuxi: Wuxi Spare Ribs and Emperor Qianlong’s Banquet

·       Suzhou: The Banquetof the Concubine; Nanjing: Beef Noodle and Salted Duck

·       Xian: Dumpling Banquets;Hangzhou: Dongpo Pork and Beggar’s Chicken


Amazing shows and events(not included in the tour fee, compulsory for participants of this tour, $130 per person)(Please pay when you make your booking)

·       Xian: $45 Tang-Dynasty-styled Dance and Music Show

·       Jiangnan area: $85 –Wuxi: Xue Family Garden/Hangzhou: Dance and Music Night Show at West Lake/Suzhou: Seven-mile Shantang Street/ Shanghai: Huangpu River Cruise



·         5 Stars Hotel throughout the Tour (Please re-confirm hotel arrangement 2 weeks prior to departure)

·         Professional Tour Guide(Cantonese or Mandarin)(This tour is only applicable to American or Canadian Chinese)

·         Pickup time: 10:00-22:00 / Delivery time: 10:00 ,Pick up participants at the airport and deliver them to the airport according to flight time, extra fee is charged for other time slots

Departure Date: Every Sat  * Price are included Shanghai – Xian ticket)


1 Hometown -Shanghai
Take Luxury Flight to Shanghai, the largest city in China
2 Shanghai
Upon arrival, our profession guide will pick up and transfer to your hotel.
Hotel: Shanghai Howard Johnson Hotel & Resorts or similar
3 Shanghai – Nanjing Road – Town Gods Temples Area Nanjing –Confucius Temple (B/L/D)
The tour will start with Nanjing Road, the busiest road in Shanghai where you can do a lot of shopping. Then you will move to Town Gods Temples Area to enjoy the Ming-Qing dynasties buildings and the old Shanghai. Finally, we will go to Confucius Temple to see the essence of Qinhuai.
Hotel: Nanjing Jinling Intl Hotel or similar
4 Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum –Yangtze River Bridge – Jade Expo Center Wuxi – Sit’s Family – Tea Pot Factory (B/L/D)
In the morning, you will visit Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum and related memorial buildings. The next stop is Yangtze River Bridge which is the first rail-road bridge built to be supported by its weight. In the afternoon, we will go to Sit’s Family which is the number one mansion in Jiangnan and also the filming site of the movie ‘Rise the Red Lantern’.
Hotel: Wuxi Noble Crown Hotel or similar
5 Lihu Park – Tai Lake Pearl Center Suzhou – Suzhou Bird Nest – Jinji Old Town (B/L/D)
On the fifth day, the tour will bring you to Lihu Park, a luxurious European-style building surrounded by hills and lakes. You will also visit the Suzhou Bird Nest, the Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre which is known as the twin of Beijing Bird Nest, both designed by the famous designer, Paul Andreu. Besides, you will be walking around in Jinji Old Town, which has been named as the ‘First Famous Street in Gusu’.
Hotel: Suzhou Jia Sheng Hotel or similar
6 Lotus Garden – Silk Factory Hangzhou – Leifeng Tower – West Lake Night Show (B/L/D)
You will visit two famous spots, Lotus Garden and Leifeng Tower. Lotus Garden is a famous classical Chinese romantic garden, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The word ‘Lotus’ refers to the farming of a couple in the garden. Leifeng Tower, originally with 7 storeys, located on Sunset Hill south of West Lake, is a wonderful pagoda.
Hotel: Hangzhou Pujing Hotel or similar
7 Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor Park (Huagang Guanyu ) – Longjang Tea Plantation Shanghai – Jade Factory – Tongren Health shop – The Bund – Night Cruise (B/L/D)
We first view fish at Flower Harbor Park which was a popular gathering place for the scholars in the past. We then go to the Bund, the financial centre of Shanghai, which is also known as ‘Oriental Wall Street’. To better enjoy the view of HuangPu River, you will be arranged to take the night cruise.
Hotel: Shanghai Howard Johnson Hotel & Resorts or similar
8 Shanghai – Xian – Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Outside) – Passby (Bell Tower, Old City Wall) – the Tang Dynasty Show (B/L/D)
Transfer to airport for flight to Xian, upon arrive, we visit to Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a famous building in Tang Dynasty, where was built to collect the Buddhist materials taken from India by hierarch Xuanzang. You will also visit the City Wall of Xian, consisted of 4 walls, which existed since Ming Dynasty and re-constructed in 1983.
Hotel: Titan Times Hotel or similar
9 Terra Cotta Warriors – Shaanxi Museum (B/L/D)
We will visit Terra Cotta Warriors, named as the Eighth World Wonder. Up till now, 3 pits have been dug. In the biggest no.1 pit, it contains 6,000 pieces of terracotta warriors and horses. You can further explore the history of Shaanxi in Shaanxi Museum, the first prehistorically site museum in China.
Hotel: Titan Times Hotel or similar
10 Xian – Hometown (B)
After breakfast, we will drive you to the airport for return flight to your hometown according to the scheduled time. By paying extra fee, you can instead fly to cities in South East Asia