9 Days Yunnan Kunming, Dali, Lijiang Odyssey Tour (CKL9)

9 Days Yunnan Kunming, Dali, Lijiang Odyssey Tour

  Ancient City of Dali is a city inYunnan Province in China famous for its old town*  Old town in Snow mount, beautiful secluded garden in Lijiang

*  Make in to Guinness World Records, largest dinosaur relic – World Dinosaur Valley

*  Visit the number one wonder in the world -Sea of Stone Forest.


Famous Cuisine:Kunming: Traditional Steam Pot Chicken, Rice Noodle, Herbal Cuisine, Wild Mushroom Hot Pot, Roasted Dick.

Dali:Three-Course Tea of Bai Dancing Performance, Fish Cooked in Chinese Style Casserole, Bai Style Cuisine.

Lijiang: Naxi Style Cuisine, Snow Mountain Cuisine, Shuhe Plateau Salmon Hot Pot


Kind Reminder: Please wear sport shoes for high altitude region and high altitude location may cause high altitude sickness. Therefore, if you have heart disease, high blood pressure or respiratory disease, please consider other attractive tours.


Accommodation / Guide / Transportation

All 5 stars hotels for your comfort (* Please reconfirm hotel 2 weeks prior to departure)

Professional Chinese speaking guide   *This trip only applicable to American Chinese*

Airport pick up time: 10:00 – 22:00

Airport delivery time: (8 days trip) 13:00 ; (9 days trip) 8:00 – 12:00;

Pick up and deliver tourists in groups according to flight time, other time slot require extra fee.


Amazing show with extra charges ($180 / person, Compulsory) (Please pay along with tour fee):

Lijiang [ Impression Lijiang Song and Dance Performance, Jade Water Villa, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (including Yunshanping) ] + Dali [World Dinosaur Valley ] + Lufeng County [ Tianlongbabu Film Studio] + Kunming [ Daguan Building Resort]

Departure Date: Every Wed

1 Hometown – Kunming
Take luxurious flight to Kunming
2 Kunming
Upon arrival, our professional guide will meet you at airport and lead you to the hotel. You can arrange the rest of the day.
Hotel:Kunming Wen Hui Hotel or similar
3 Kunming – Dali – Tianlongbabu Movieland – Lijiang – Square Street Old City (World heritage) (B/L/D) 
You will visit a famous film studio – Tianlongbabu Film Studio as a start. Many well known Chinese TV series and films were taken in here. Including Tianlongbabu, The Four, A Chinese Ghost Story ,etc.
After enjoy the day in Tianlongbabu Film Studio, we will introduce you Square Street Old Town, a place filled with traditional Chinese atmosphere. You can find many traditional Chinese style buildings, which were built in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Walking in the street, you will feel like you are walking in the famous painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”.
Hotel:Guan Fang Hotel B area or similar
4 Lijiang – Jade Water Villa- The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – *Impression Lijiang Song and Dance Performance – Shuhe Old Town (B/L/D)
In the fourth day, you will visit Jade Water Villa and The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Two beautiful attractions. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain combined by 13 pearks which is so cold that snow never melt. Under the shine of clear blue sky, it is like a dragon in silver color, flying in the sky till the end of time. On the mountain, you will find a 360 degree theater has 3100 meters altitude, performing “Impression Lijiang” directed by famous director Zhang Yimou.
At night, you will be leaded to Shuhe Old Town as known as Shuhe Square Street. A big square with about 250 square meters big. Extremely lively during the period of fair, which was the center of Lijiang fur trading.
Hotel:Guan Fang Hotel B area or similar
5 Heilongtan Park – Dali – Silk Factory – Dali – A Bai Village (Pai Song and Dance Performance) – Dali – The Ancient Town Of Dali (B/L/D)
In the fifth day, the first stop will be Heilongtan Park, the name was actually come from an ancient Chinese legend, which mention 10 bad dragons doing bad things to people, 9 were captured by Lu Dongbin, a man with great power. He imprisoned them under Tuodong Guzhuang, and left a little black dragon free to serve people. This is how the name of (Lake of Black Dragon) come.
Then we will take you to Silk Factory in Dali and a Bai Village, to enjoy a traditional performance called The Three-Courses Tea of Bai. In which you may have many inspiration about life.
Hotel:Regent Hotel or similar
6 Dali – Lufeng – *World Dinosaur Valley – Puli Tea House – Kunming – Jinma Biji Archways – Nanping Road pedestrian street – Pearl Center (B/L/D)
In the sixth day you can choose to go to a famous attraction, World Dinosaur Valley. This valley is National geopark of China, also is the largest dinosaur valley relic (Guinness World Records), a famous travel attraction in the world. After that, you will have a rest in Puli Tea House.
Then we will go to Jinma Biji Archways, one of the oldest symbolic architecture in Yunnan, built in the Ming Dynasty Xuande Emperor era, which is around 400 years before.
Hotel:Kunming Wen Hui Hotel or similar
7 Kunming – Daguan Building Resort – Colorful Yunnan Tourism Zone – Foot Massage (Free)(B/L/D)
In the seventh day, we will start from Daguan Building Resort. This resort is the largest attraction in Dian Lake north coast, the theme is long Chinese history couplet. It can be separate as 3 parts, which are Huapu Heritage Zone, South – Chinese and Western Style Fusion Garden Zone, West – Modern Garden Zone.
Afterwards, we will visit Colorful Yunnan Tourism Zone. You can experience the concentrated culture of Zhuang people, spend some time near colorful wishing pool, visit the mysterious God of Sun Pillar built by Yi people and Sun Square. And then you can enjoy a foot massage as a return of some much walking in past few days.
Hotel:Kunming Wen Hui Hotel or similar


8 Jade Factory – Stone Forest – Kunming (B/L/D) 
In the ninth day, you will Stone Forest, owning the compliment of “The world first wonder”. You will find sea of stone tree, forest of peaks, lakes, waterfalls, karst caves. The figure of stones are like sword, mushroom, tower and many things.
Hotel:Kunming Wen Hui Hotel or similar
9 Kunming – Hometown (B) 
After breakfast, you will be delivered to airport based on appointed time. You can choose either fly back to hometown or stay in places in South East Asia.

* Route above may be rescheduled based on local situation, hope you enjoy your trip.