12 days Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou Tour (CBX12)

12 days Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou Tour(Start from April)



–  Experience today and old days Beijing. Visit Temple of Heaven, Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, National Grand Theater, And the Place. Enter Imperial Palace, Summer Palace. Climb up the Great Wall.

–  Exclusive Travel: Visit one of the 10 views in Hangzhou West Lake – Leifeng Tower, including ticket to climb up the tower to enjoy 360 degree of view of West Lake.

–  Memorable travel: Enter one of the 8 world wonders – Terracotta Army; Travel Jiangnan, Shanghai (Nanjing Road + Town Gods Temples Area + The Bund); Suzhou  (Lotus Garden + Bird’s Nest); Wuxi (Lihu Park); Nanjing (Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum + Yangtze River Bridge)

Featured delicacies along the trip:

Beijing – roasted duck; Xian – Dumping feast; Hangzhou – Dongpo’s pork, Beggars Chicken

Shanghai – Xiaolongbao; Wuxi – Wuxi Pork ribs, Qianlong feast

Suzhou – Queen Feast; Nanjing – Beef noodle, boiled salted duck

Amazing activities with extra charges ($160 / person, compulsory) (Please pay along with tour fee):

* Beijing: $30 / Kung Fu Performance

* Xian: $45 / Tang Dynasty style musical performance

* Jiangnan: $85 – Wuxi / Sit’s Family * Hangzhou / West Lake night musical performance *Suzhou / Shan Tang Street * Shanghai / Huangpu River night cruise

Accommodation / Guide / Transportation

Stay at 5 stars hotel for your comfort (* Please reconfirm hotel 2 weeks prior to departure)

24 hours pickup and delivery services

Beijing – Xian Flight has to be arrived at Xian Airport before 10 AM

Xian – Shanghai Departure time of flight has to be after 6 PM

Professional guide service (Cantonese or Putonghua), * The trip only applicable to American and Canadian Chinese*

Departure date: Every Tue

1 Hometown  –   Beijing

Travel to Beijing by luxurious flight


2 Beijing

Upon arrival, local guide are meet at airport and transfer to hotel

Hotel:  Changan Grand Hotel or similar


3 Summer Palace – Imperial Palace – Tiananmen Square – City Hall, National Grand Theater(Outside) –  Temple of Heaven –  Acrobatic Show on the Ice       (B/L/D)

This day, you will visit a few historical architecture. Including Summer Palace – where Empress Dowager Cixi controlled the country, Imperial Palace – the largest wooden building complex in the world, Tiananmen Square – where many historical event happened here, Temple of Heaven – where Kings in Ming and Qing prayed at here for the fortune of the whole country.

You will also visit National Grand Theater, a new building designed by French famous designer Paul Andreu.

Hotel:  Changan Grand Hotel or similar


4 Great Wall – Bird Nest, Water Cube (Outside) – Tung Yan Tong – The Place – Wangfujing Street (B/L/D)

This day you will visit the Great Wall first, it is one of the greatest world wonders.

And then you will go to 2 Olympic Games stadium, which are 2008 Olympic Games main stadium and national stadium – Bird’s Nest and National Aquatics Center – Water Cube.

Lastly, visit the largest sky screen in Asia – The Place.

Hotel:  Changan Grand Hotel or similar


5 Beijing – Xian – Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Outside) – Pass by (Bell Tower, Old City Wall) – the Tang Dynasty Show (option)    (B/L/D)

This day, you will travel to Xian, visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda, it was built for storing the sutras brought back by Buddhist monk Xuanzang.

Then you will also visit the Old City Wall which was build at Ming Dynasty.

Hotel:  Titan Times Hotel or similar


6 Terracotta Army – Shaanxi Museum    (B/L/D)

This day, you will visit Terracotta army, the eighth world wonder, is one of the most important discover of archeology. And then also visit Shaanxi Museum, which also stores many important historical relics for display.

Hotel:  Shanghai Howard Johnson Hotel & Resorts or similar


7 Beijing  Shanghai – Nanjing Road – Town Gods Temples Area – Nanjing – Confucius Temple   (B/L/D)

This day, you will travel to Shanghai and visit the liveliest shopping street – Nanjing Road, many different things waiting for you to buy, a true shopping heaven.

And then, go to Town Gods Temples Area, many Ming and Qing style building are preserved in here. Finally visit Confucius Temple

Hotel:  Nanjing Jinling Intl Hotel or similar


8 Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum –Yangtze River Bridge – Jade Expo Center –  Wuxi – Sit’s Family – Tea Pot Factory   (B/L/D)

This day you will visit Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum and nearby building complex, also travel to Yangtze River Bridge, the first road rail bridge built by solely China’s effort.

Lastly, travel to Sit’s Family, the No.1 luxurious residence in Jiangnan.

Hotel: Wuxi Noble Crown Hotel or similar


9 Lihu Park – Tai Lake Pearl Center –  Suzhou – Suzhou Bird’s Nest – Jinji Old Town   (B/L/D)

This day, you will first visit Lihu Park, where many European style buildings and western sculptures are located, combining with the surrounding environments, a dream like beautiful view is created.

And then travel to Suzhou Bird’s Nest, the largest multi function stadium in Suzhou, which is known as the twin brother of Beijing Bird Nest.

Finally, go to Shan Tang Street, known as the no.1 street in Suzhou.

Hotel:  Suzhou Jia Sheng Hotel or similar


10 Lotus Garden – Silk Factory –  Hangzhou – Leifeng Tower – West Lake Night Show    (B/L/D)

This day, you will visit Lotus Garden first, a world cultural heritage with beautiful and peaceful environment. And then, you will also visit Leifeng Tower, a very large Chinese style Pagoda, which allow you to have a great view of West Lake if you climb up to higher level.

Hotel: Hangzhou Pujing Hotel or similar

11 Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor Park (Huagang Guanyu )  – Longjang Tea Plantation-  Shanghai – Jade Factory – Tongren Health shop – The Bund – Night Cruise      (B/L/D)

On the second last day, you will visit Flower Harbor Park, it is a famous attraction that plenty of fish in the pond

After that you will go to the financial center of Shanghai – The Bund, people refer it as the Eastern Wall Street.

Finally, ride on night cruise to admire the beautiful night view of Huangpu River, it is known as the best way to admire the beautiful view of the river.

Hotel:  Shanghai Howard Johnson Hotel & Resorts or similar


12 Shanghai  –   Hometown  (B)

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your return flight home or further your trip to other Southeast Asia destinations with extra charges.